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Sure Step Non-Slip Story

Sure Step for Nebraska & Iowa

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What Can We Do For You?

Our Goal is To Educate all Businesses About a Very Inexpensive Way To Protect Their Employees and Guests!

Our passion to protect you, your business, and your employees is so strong for many reasons. While it is true that companies who have Sure Step can save $100k, $200k, or even millions, that is not the driving force of our focus. We know slip and fall issues aren’t on everyone’s mind, in fact, we didn’t realize the importance of a slip and fall solution for businesses and individuals until a few years ago. 

It was about that time when we started asking ourselves “is there anything out there that could make it safer for seniors to stay in their own homes?” on home estimate visits. One visit in particular where the idea clicked. We were visiting a client to provide her with an estimate for a bathroom remodel and in our conversations, she told us how very serious and frightened she was that a slip and fall accident could mean the end of her independence. During that same time, our company’s owner and founder, Marty Sheridan was moving his mother into an assisted living facility. Even still, they were worried about slip and fall issues within her new environment.

These questions weren’t being presented to us just by coincidence. It was time we found a solution to this pain point for so many business owners and individuals. So off we went researching any types of safety products that would help us accomplish our goal. After months of testing and research, we found Sure Step! We decided to bring Safety First to Nebraska with the goal that with each company we can protect, we could also help seniors and veterans. 

Since we started providing services to Nebraska, we have been honored to work with some amazing companies that truly and honestly put their employees and guests first. They range from universities to small restaurants. From sports teams to convenience stores, these businesses can all have peace of mind knowing they have Sure Step. 

We want to eliminate workplace accidences and hope to make all bathrooms safe, especially for seniors. 

Here are some basics!

1,000,000 Hospital Visits! OSHA Fines 50k, 100k!! Average Settlement 58k Average Jury Settlement 147k!! Doing What is Right for Your Employees, Your Guests, and Your Business!

Here are Some Basics

Doing What is Right for Your Employees, Your Guests, and Your Business!

The Importance of Sure Step

Every 2.3 seconds, an adult over the age of 65 suffers a fall. According to the National Safety Council and the CDC, 80% of all in-home injuries are in the bathroom. Having nonslip bathtubs are no longer optional.

Safety First Remodeling is now open in Omaha to bring safety to your home.

Whether you need to upgrade your bathroom or remodel it for a safe and accessible bathroom for you or someone you care for, Safety First Remodeling has the solutions. From Roll-in Showers to Walk-in tubs … the greatest selection of features and benefits of any tub in North America! Safety First Remodeling has a “Build a Bath Program” where their design specialist meets with you to customize everything from the tub or shower you want, to all the small details like what type of soap dish.

Safety First Remodeling uses a proprietary Sure Step product to create an invisible, sophisticated tread design on the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain or enamel bathtubs. It increases a surface’s coefficient of friction by 200-400% when wet! Their treatments will not change the appearance of a floor or bathtub. It is not a film or a coating, nor do they leave any chemicals, grit, or residue on the surface of the floor or bathtub.

Their anti-slip treatment protects you, or your family, while maintaining the appearance you desire and there is no downtime with installation. Safety First Remodeling will warranty all work performed and can provide you with a custom warranty and maintenance program to suit your needs for protection.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your needs….without any obligation because Safety is NO ACCIDENT!! Contact or call 402-259-0070.

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Sale Ends Soon 06-01-2024

25% Off Labor on Lifetime Siding, Prime Bath Systems and All Deck!

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