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Omaha, NE Long John Silvers

The Long John Silver's restaurant in Omaha got a major exterior upgrade thanks to our Safety First Remodeling team.

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Long John Silver’s Restaurant Upgrade in Omaha, NE

The Long John Silver’s restaurant in Omaha got a major exterior upgrade thanks to our Safety First Remodeling team. This franchise location needed replacement siding, some paint, new concrete poured, updated metal roofing, and some landscaping.

The peeling paint did not do justice to the delicious food and friendly workers in this location. That’s where Safety First Remodeling comes in!

THE SAFETY FIRST DIFFERENCE: We have energy-efficient and stylish siding, window, and bathroom options at every price point! Our remodelers will help you choose the perfect solution for your business.

We replaced Long John Silver’s siding and updated the roof, concrete, and landscaping. Our installation team ensured the new siding and roof were installed with precision and care to maximize energy efficiency and style for the business’s facelift. With fall in full swing in Omaha, folks are sure to be on the hunt for the perfect comfort food and with this facelift, Long John Silver’s will be their choice.

A Full Circle Moment

Marty Sheridan’s (the owner and founder of Safety First Remodeling) first job at 16 years old was at this Long John Silver’s (4440 Dodge St. Omaha, NE). When he and his team were contracted by the current Long John Silver’s leadership team about refreshing the entire interior and exterior, he saw this as a full circle moment. 

A Blast from the Past

What he did not expect to find was the same passion for this particular location that he had 40 years ago. Marty said it took him “back to 1983 when working after school to get the things you wanted ie.. car to “Cruise Dodge Street “ cassettes, and homecoming experiences,” the day he met with the staff.

Long John Silver’s Takes Care of Their Staff

Marty found that all of those years later, Long John Silver’s average employment length is 14 years. He knew it then and he feels it now, Long John Silver’s takes care of their employees! Marty says “More than all of the above I truly salute Long John Silver’s for investing in East/Midtown Omaha! They are committed to Omaha and have been for over 45 Years.” 

Marty has many personal connections to this Long John Silver’s. In fact, his brother-in-law was the manager of this location right before he chose to enlist in the United States Air Force and served 20 years. Many employees from the 1980s are still in touch with this location’s leadership team. This location has produced a Long John Silver’s owner, a United States Military Veteran, a President of a remodeling company (Safety First Remodeling), and so much more. If you ask any of these folks about their time at this Long John Silvers, they will tell you “We all Credit our Success to the foundation and training received so many years ago by Long John Silver’s.”


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