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6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly

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Nebraska Bathroom Remodeling » 6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly

Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Having little ones at home, makes you consider the things you have in your home. A bathroom can be the least accessible room for young kids, that’s where Safety First Remodeling comes in. Being that safety is our priority, we’d be more than happy to help you get started with a bathroom renovation to make your bathroom kid-friendly.

When it comes to making your bathroom kid-friendly, there are a few things you can do to ensure their safety.

Making a Bathroom Kid-Friendly

Here are six ways to make your bathroom more kid-safe:

1. Install non-slip flooring: Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in kids. By installing non-slip flooring in your bathroom, you can help prevent these accidents from happening.

2. Use childproof locks: Keep curious little ones out of cabinets and drawers by using childproof locks. This will help prevent them from getting into dangerous chemicals or other hazards.

3. Install grab bars: Grab bars aren’t only for people with physical disabilities, they can also be helpful to children. Installing grab bars in various areas of your bathroom such as by your toilet and inside of your bathtub can decrease the chance of falls.

4. Lower the temperature: Be sure that the water heater in your home is set to a lower temperature to avoid scalding accidents. You may even want to consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve for extra safety precaution.

5 . Teach them about safety: It’s important that you talk to your kids about bathroom safety so that they know what dangers to look out for and how to stay safe while using the space. Make sure they know never touch electrical outlets or anything else that could be dangerous if they’re wet.

6. Call Safety First Remodeling: If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, be sure to call Safety First Remodeling. We specialize in making bathrooms safe for families with young children. We can help you choose the best materials and products for your space and install everything according to safety standards. Give us a call today at the number below to get started on your project!

We’ll help you choose the best products and materials for your space and ensure that everything is installed correctly and up to safety standards. Claim your free quote on your next bathroom remodel today or call us at 402-259-0070.

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Sale Ends Soon 06-01-2024

25% Off Labor on Lifetime Siding, Prime Bath Systems and All Deck!

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