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Is it about time to upgrade your Omaha bathroom with a replacement bath, redesigned shower, or another attractive remodeling project? Just reach out to Safety First Remodeling for help with getting your Omaha bath remodeled to your desired specifications. We have over 25 years of combined experience and have been involved in successful bathroom remodels in Omaha of all shapes and sizes. We can help you convert your bathtub to a shower or take on any other bathroom remodeling project that you’ve been considering.

The Reasons to Replace Your Omaha Bathtub or Shower

If you’ve thought about having a bathroom remodel in Omaha, that’s a wise choice, because bathtubs are not going to last forever. After a number of years you’ll need to get a new bathtub no matter how well you clean or maintain your home. In fact, you may have already noticed these problems with your current Omaha bathtub:

  • Cleaning your tub is more of a chore than ever. As the surface of the tub becomes increasingly porous, grime and mold may develop 
  • The finish of your bathtub may look worn, or even have visible cracks .Restore the look and feel of your bathroom with a new acrylic bath liner.
  • Have your needs or preferences changed? Your tub now might be too small or a tub and shower combo unit might serve your household better.

Bathroom Remodeling Options Abound in Omaha 

There are abundant choices to work with when it comes to getting a new bathroom remodeling project ready in Omaha. But before you decide, look into your best options:

  • Replacement tubs are available in many sizes and types. One advantage is the comfort they can add to your bathroom. A very popular replacement bath choice these days is a combination shower feature.
  • A combo bathtub and shower gives you more flexibility by offering space for a comforting soak or the ease of a quick shower.
  • If it’s important that you can enter the bath easily, a walk-in bath is the ultimate choice. With a low-rise entry space, the bath can include grab bars and other accessibility advantages. If you are planning to age in place and anticipate needing extra assistance with entering the bath, the walk-in bath will be ideal.
  • A replacement shower enclosure makes a beautiful upgrade where your bathroom’s look is concerned. You can request to have a seat or steam shower feature installed. And think about how nice it will look when you pick a tiling finish that matches your style.

Materials for Replacement Baths in Omaha 

You also have choices available with selecting the best replacement bath materials for your Omaha remodeling project. These include:

  • Acrylic, a sturdy product that is highly customizable. You’ll be happy to know that no maintenance is required to keep the surface in shape.
  • Fiberglass has the advantage of being light in weight and low-maintenance. Unfortunately, the appearance of the tub can be affected if it fractures or cracks.
  • Cast iron is made out of iron molded into a preformed shape. It’s a reliable material, but additional workers will be required to have it installed in your bathroom.
  • Enameled steel is created by coating a thin steel sheet with porcelain. The strong design provides a classic look and will last for years, but be warned that it is extremely heavy.
  • For a natural stone look, granite is the preferred go-to, but it does require specialized installation and you’ll have to keep up with maintenance.

Choose Safety First Remodeling for Remodeling in Omaha 

Choosing Safety First Remodeling as your Omaha bath remodeling company will make your next big project a success! Our team will provide you with many options during the discussion of your project. Safety First Remodeling is ready to help you get a new tub or any bathroom remodeling project at your budget for your Omaha home.

Contact us for a complimentary Omaha bath remodeling consultation and we will find the solutions that fit your needs. The style that you have always wanted is attainable when you choose from our fine selection of bathroom materials. Contact us online or by phone, and we can get started right away on your bath design.

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Sale Ends Soon 08-01-2024

25% Off Labor on Lifetime Siding, Prime Bath Systems and All Deck!

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